For Corporations & Institutions


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Improving Operations

With a focus on increasing return and reducing cost, VIDA, with its collaborators, addresses how to improve operations in international team management, customer service, logistics & environmental sustainability.

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Strategic Planning & Innovation

Divisions, Business Units, Individual Projects, and entire Companies need Vision, Innovation, Determination & Action (the V.I.D.A. Factor™) to get results. A strategic, logical plan combined with creativity & innovation can create the right intra-preneurs for your company.

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Corporate Training

With our decidedly international perspective, we are able to connect with a diverse audience and to help them achieve. VIDA provides training in team management, leadership, innovation, customer service & retention and operations – customized to fit your company’s needs, objectives & culture.


For Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs 


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VIDA’s seminars focus on practicable, actionable steps that business owners can implement quickly. Spend the day in focused learning & planning – you’ll thank yourself for the investment.

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VIDA helps small businesses grow by providing expertise in marketing, sales processes, operations & management. Understanding the balancing act required, VIDA assists business owners in focusing on the most essential aspects that will yield the results they want – fast.

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Start-Up Support & Coaching

There’s nothing like the thrill of a start-up! And, once the rubber-hits-the-road, start-ups often find that a voice of reason, a wealth of resources and support to stay on track is helpful. We’ve been there, so we know how it goes. Contact us.