Helping Visionaries & Innovators Succeed in Business.


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At V.I.D.A. Group …

We help people innovate and develop their businesses. We understand that as business owners (or those who want to be business owners), we want to make a difference. We are pressed for time to grow our business and income and to enjoy being with our families. How can we make more money and build the lifestyle we want?

We understand. We often help our clients overcome challenges by

  1. Providing strategies and specific methods to innovate and succeed;
  2. Offering ideas on new revenue streams and analyzing potential business models; and
  3. Inspiring current and aspiring entrepreneurs through workshops and keynotes.
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What is the V.I.D.A. Factor™?

What does it take to succeed in business? Is there a framework that can provide the way to an easier path? We have asked ourselves these same questions. We believe that there is a VIDA Factor –

VISION: Do you see where you want to go already? Clarity is the first key.

INNOVATION: Determine what must be changed and how to change it. By the way, that’s almost never done alone.

DETERMINATION: It’s exciting to start a project. And, it’s helpful to have help to keep you focused and to share tools to make your life easier.

ACTION: Taking the next step is the only way to move forward. We need to identify what actions will yield the greatest results and go for it!

Take the step today to reach your goals.

Your business. Your life. The VIDA Factor.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Join the V.I.D.A. Factor conversation!

We’ll provide you with

•Free Resources & Tools you can apply immediately to your business.
•Updates on new trends
•and More.


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